Berwick tech is founded on 2017 November with a visionary aim to support and build many startups backed by passionate young people. In this journey, Propreneur is the first brand which is based on Marketing & Advertising, followed by our second brand Codewick which focuses on solving all technological problems. With these two brands, we can deliver complete marketing and technical support to our other upcoming brands. This vision is getting bigger every year and we are constantly looking forward to creating many leading brands by supporting them right away from setting up their name to drafting effective organizational process. After completion of one successful year with intermediate clients to build notable portfolios, we are scaling up to acquire big projects to learn and achieve more.

More than investors and turn overs, we move forward with passion

Propreneur is a creative young team of marketing & advertising professionals with a vision to provide complete marketing solutions to any company. With our 10 dedicated services, we can act as an in-house marketing team of our clients, by understanding their core values and mission which cannot be achieved when a company has to depend on various service providers like one for graphic design, another one for Digital marketing and so on. As a team, this is the problem we are continuously striving to solve.

Here is our wide range of services for your company – Digital Marketing, AD Production, Branding, Graphic Design, Content Marketing, Event planning, Influencer marketing, Direct marketing, Press release, Trade shows.

Get all of your marketing needs done, under one hood

Codewick is built to bridge the longtime gap between "Nerds & UX-UI Engineers" to tailor the modern digital platforms according to our visionary clients.With our team, we aim to provide world-class UI,UX and Functionalities to everyone, eliminating the problems of traditional website design, navigation and functions. Give a visual treat to your customers and concentrate more on creativity, with our advanced tools and AI.

Automate your work process and concentrate more in business